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Data Analysis & Presentation

Analysis of Data Collected

Data analysis is the process of developing responses to questions by reviewing and interpreting the data. The basic steps of the analysis process are to identify problems, determine the availability of appropriate data, decide on appropriate methods for answering questions of interest to apply the methods, and evaluate, synthesize and communicate the results.
Data analysis is essential to understand the results of surveys, administrative sources and pilot studies; provide information on data gaps; to design and redesign surveys; for the planning of new statistical activities; and for the formulation of quality objectives.

Main Points of Analysis

Results and Analysis section of dissertation has four purposes, it should:

  • Interpret and explain results
  • Answer the research question
  • Justify approach for data collection
  • Critically evaluate study
Dissertation Data Analysis Help

Dissertation Educators ensure that results are clearly established, support assertions with arguments and strongly support empirical support. We have qualified experts to analyse and evaluate the data collected. Dissertation Educators assure that data is well presented in tables, charts and diagrams, but must also use words to guide readers through your data:

  • Explain the tests performed & their reasons.
  • Explain the tactics and tools used to gather the data.
  • Present results in appropriate formats
  • Indicate significance of the results
  • Make meaningful comparisons & draw conclusions.

Dissertation Educators can help you with data analysis using SPSS, Nvivo and Excel. We can apply all the tests and conduct all formats of data analysis. When discussing your data, our experts demonstrate an ability to identify trends, patterns and themes in the data. We think of various theoretical interpretations and balance the advantages and disadvantages of these different views.
Dissertation Educators manage its experts to discuss anomalies and consistencies, assessing the importance and impact of each. The results and discussion are probably the most important sections of dissertation. Once completed, you can begin to relax a little: You are in the final stage of writing!

You can call Dissertation Educators for your dissertation help. We are always available at inf@dissertationeducators.co.uk

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