The Importance Of Planning Your Dissertation

A dissertation is a mountainous task that every student needs to tackle in his or her university life. Due to its enormity, students often fail to complete their dissertation on time, and that is where the trouble begins. The daunting thoughts of deadline force students to ask for dissertation help. They either go for online services or they hire a freelance writer for their dissertation. This is precisely why planning your dissertation is crucial.

The Dissertation is probably the most important assignment you will ever be tasked with. It seeks to examine not only what you have garnered in your university studies, but also analyze you as a scholar. An impeccable dissertation has the ability to uplift your professional resume, so you need to execute it perfectly. For you, as a student, to submit your dissertation on time is as important as completing your degree.

In this article, we would discuss the importance of planning your dissertation and how you can plan your dissertation effectively so that you submit it on time.


One of the most common reasons why students fail to deliver their dissertation on time is because they don’t plan properly.  Planning is crucial to your dissertation. Since your dissertation takes a significant amount of time and effort, you need to plan each step in accordance with that. In today’s economically tough times, students are already having a difficult time in managing their university life. They are forced to take up multiple jobs just to sustain their day to day expenses.

As a student, you need to incorporate your day to day schedule in your plan. Without a proper plan, your dissertation is bound to fail. Knowing when you are free and scheduling that with your dissertation writing is necessary and advisable.

Topic selection

Thenext factor you need to contemplate on is the topic of your dissertation. It is no mystery that a hard topic will take an extra amount of time from your schedule. So, it is always advisable that you select a topic that is of interest to you. During your academic career, you will find some topics that are of interest to you. Being passionate about a topic is good for you, and your dissertation.

Selecta topic that excites you. If you do that, you will spend more time on your dissertation and the process would seem relatively easy. Remember, you need to complete your dissertation on time, and a topic of interest will help you do that.


Research and dissertation go hand in hand. A dissertation can be summarized as a long research paper that you do on a particular topic. So, you need to be ready for researching. Now, if for some reason, you are struggling with a topic or you don’t know which topic to select, there is one thing you could do.

Each topic has its own research material. Some have relatively more literature on a subject, while some have not. If you are confused about selecting a topic, pick the one that has the most scholarly literature available on it. If you know that a topic has a good amount of literature available, it will make your writing and researching process significantly easy. Select your topic with respect to its research material so that you don’t struggle afterwards.

Write Everyday

We understand that writing is a struggle considering the length of a typical dissertation. To make sure you write and keep up with your schedule, we advise daily writing. Writing daily will help you in the long run. Working on your dissertation every day will develop a habit that you need in your process.

No matter how little you write, you have to write every day. If you are stuck on a particular section, skip ahead and do another one. Stopping your writing process will hurt you and your dissertation process. You need to follow the schedule and be on track. One small delay will set you many days back, and that is where the trouble will begin. Make sure you write every day and keep up with your schedule. Make dissertation writing your habit.

Be precise and follow the requirements

One of the reasons why students get bad grades on their dissertation is they don’t follow the rules. A perfectly written dissertation will fail in front of a dissertation that has mediocre writing but adheres to the requirements.

You need to be precise in your approach. Limit your word count to the requirement set by your supervisor. Use correct grammar and academic style of writing. Avoid jargon and irrelevant phrases. Use updated academic literature rather than outdated ones. As a student, you need to follow the exact guidelines laid down by your professor. Any other thing will compromise your grades even if it is good.

Be creative

For an assignment this big, struggling is inevitable. Maybe a time comes when you are tired and don’t want to work on your dissertation. Maybe you are stuck at some point and unable to proceed further. In such a case, you need to be flexible and creative in your approach.

You can add extra days in your schedule and plan in order to incorporate your writer’s block. You can also change your scenery and write your dissertation elsewhere. Trust us, a change of setting do wonders for some people.

Health over Anything

Don’t be that student that takes ‘hard work beats talent’ to its extreme. Hard work doesn’t mean you have to spend day and night on your dissertation without a rest. The fact that your dissertation is based on your brainpower should tell you that you need to give rest to it once in a while. Doing hard work is commendable, however, if you are not smart about it, you will face problems.

A healthy you will be more productive than an unhealthy you. You need your brain at its best. Your dissertation demands it.

Take Regular breaks

As we said before, writing your dissertation doesn’t mean you have to spend day and night into it without any rest. You have to take regular breaks for the refreshment of your brain. You cannot be 100% focused and determined if you are not fully rested.

A piece of advice we give to all our students on the importance of planning their dissertation is that they should always incorporate break time in their schedule.  

Keep Yourself Motivated

Motivation is key. As a student, you need to see through your dissertation to the end. For that, you need to be motivated. You need to be proud of your dissertation. As we have discussed before, a topic of your choice will help you do that. There are many things that you will find interesting in your dissertation. Try to enjoy the process, and don’t let negative self-deprecating thoughts get over you.

Enjoy the process

Before you begin your dissertation, you need to have a solid plan. How you want to divide up that plan is totally up to you, however, you have to be aware of what you are going to do each day. Commitment is key, and sometimes it can be overwhelming. In such a case, you can either ask for dissertation help where a competent expert will do all the hard work for you. Or, you can try to enjoy the process of dissertation writing. The choice is up to you.

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