School Time Should Be Made Flexible

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School Time Should Be Made Flexible

The traditional schooling system is quite rigid and strict in following its patterns. However, changing the patterns and norms with the passage of time is what makes something unique and acceptable. The statement by the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus, “only change is constant” is not only true in a philosophical sense but also in daily lives. Children studying in the traditional school system suffer at the hands of long timings. These students do not get time to participate in extracurricular activities that help them developmentally. Even in some cases, students do not get the time to complete their assignments and seek help from Best dissertation writing services to get their work done efficiently. This tiresome and long span of schools is pretty locked and students and staff generally follow these hours week after week. However, the need of the hour is to break the pattern and provide flexible timings in school which can be beneficial for both students and teachers.

While providing flexible school timings is out of the question for most schools, some educational institutions are actually providing flexible timings and personalization and that is in the advantage of students. The phenomena are called “flex time” or “WIN Time” which stands for “What I Need Time”.

What Actually Flex Time Is?

Flex timing does not mean sending students home before school time ends. This is the concept that comes into most people’s minds when they hear the term. However, the misconception can be corrected by knowing about how various schools offer flexible timings to their students.

According to Jennifer Gunn, Aragon high school in San Mateo, California, students are given a period of thirty minutes on Wednesday and Thursday to support their own academic journey. They are allowed to make their own choices on how to use this time. They can retake their quiz/tests or assignments during this time or complete their homework.

At Rocky Mountain Middle School in Idaho, flex time is a period for those who need it. Those whose grades show that they need extra care to get better spend thirty minutes with teachers while others who have achieved the mastery in their grades are given the choice to spend the time according to their own will. These “master students” can take part in activities including time in the cafeteria, games and using a library or computer lab to play games.

How It Can Be Useful?

There are various reasons behind advocating flex time. Let us have a look at these reasons separately in the lines below.

Opportunities For Students:

Flextime is a great way of providing opportunities to students who are always busy in school and do not have time to participate in other activities. These other activities play an important role in shaping the personality of an individual. For example, a student might not have time to participate in an essay writing competition happening in his/her locality just because they don’t have time to spare from their studies. If the opportunity is provided to this student with flexible timings, he or she might go there and win the competition that can help them shape their whole career around the activity of writing and with great confidence too.

Another example of these opportunities is participating in sports. Let us suppose a student who is interested in playing football but doesn’t have time to take part in the activity. This student could otherwise become a great sportsperson by developing skills combined with great interest.

Students, when denied the need for flex time are hindered in their growth in many ways and a lot of responsibility is on the shoulders of school management who take the bulk of these students’ time.

Psychological Impacts:

A student who spends 8 hours at school in a day is stressed out. He or she doesn’t have time to engage themselves in other activities. The practice is followed every week of every month in every grade. This wears out the students both physically and mentally. A change is what can bring a fresh with a fragrance of freedom.

This change can help them keep their minds fresh and they can actually get out of their tough routine to enjoy life for some time. The psychological impacts of this change can help them get better in their studies as well.

A Good Chance For Teachers:

Many times I have seen teachers stating, “I could do this better if only I had time to prepare it”. Flex timings allow teachers to really dive into the content and enhance their skills. This helps them prepare their lectures better and deliver them to the students in a methodological fashion. Unfortunately, in longer timings, teachers don’t get a lot of time to prepare themselves for each lecture and consequently it affects the performance of students as well as the performance of the school as well.

It Enhances Creativity:

Offering flexible timings to students really helps them enhance their creativity level. When a student gets enough time other than his school shift, he can engage himself in numerous activities that can help him foster his inventiveness. The creative leap is only achieved through frequent experiments and constant practice. In extended timing, this time is not provided. Hence, students’ innovative drive is prevented from growing in a positive direction.

Educational Activities:

When students get additional time, it enables them to spare more time for their education. Often times, students struggle in providing frequent assignments and even if they do submit them, the quality is not satisfactory. If flexible timings are offered to students, they can actually complete their homework, assignments, and essays by conduct extensive research. This can help them grow intellectually and they can become known as they will be conducting first-hand research. This exposure to information can make them well-versed and teach them the level of mastery in their subsequent subjects.

Planning and Interacting:

Flex timing can be used by students to plan for their next stage in academic life. Also, teachers can benefit from the relaxation to plan their lessons effectively. This personalized planning can help students understand their future better and devise rational plans for what they might be doing next.

Also, time can be used in creating better relationships between students and teachers on a more personal level. Those who are shy to ask questions because of the lack of confidence or inherent introversion can connect with their teacher individually.

Although the idea of flex time or WIN time is still being opposed by most of the traditional schooling systems, it can be adopted for great advantage. Various studies show that schools who are giving this advantage to their students are producing more intellectual and creative minds than those who are still acting according to the older method.

Flextime is a great way of facilitating students and help them taking part in other activities with mental ease. Otherwise, they will always be feeling it a necessary activity to look up for top dissertation service so that they can catch up with their studies in the hectic lives they have been forced to follow.

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