Organizing Research Paper Notes – 7 Key Steps To Follow

Are you a student who has to submit a research paper as a part of your degree? If yes, you need to be familiar with all the important requirements related to your research paper. Your research paper serves to provide valuable insights on a topic for readers. Hence one of the most important aspects of a research paper is the notes! They help you record all the important information so that you can use it when you need to. Most students forget this step and end up looking for a dissertation writing service. Well, we can save you the hassle by giving you the best tips to organize your research paper notes. Let’s begin!

7 Steps To Organize Research Paper Notes

The References

Usually, a lot of information goes into research papers regardless of what topic it is. Hence if you are dealing with research paper notes, weekend already bet there are a lot of them. What matters the most in these notes is their source – this can help you to organize them. So take a look at the list of references and citations to organize your notes. This will help you verify the credibility of your notes and arrange them accordingly.

Simple Summaries

We don’t write research papers to flaunt our knowledge of complex words and phrases. In fact, our job as a researcher is to make complex and difficult things easy to understand. Philadelphia research paper does not cover this criterion, you will be missing out on a huge milestone. There will be many points that need a lot of explaining, which is why you are going to need research paper notes. These notes will help you to remove any confusion and understand many concepts at once.

Facts And Figures Section

No matter what subject or topic you are covering, you will have to work with facts and figures. Therefore you are going to need research paper notes to deal with information like facts and figures. Make sure that you go for a separate section every time while making these research paper notes. Making your research paper notes like this will help you avoid confusion about different things. Once you add any data related to figures or facts, remember to go back to your notes and write them.

The Quotations

Although students avoid quoting out of fear of plagiarism, we advise the opposite approach. In fact, while you are making your research paper notes, you should consider recording quotations every time. Moreover, you can add some points in your notes to clarify the intentions of the author of the quote. As we know that quotations can be a bit tricky and complex to comprehend because they are not in simple language. Therefore it is your responsibility to explain or describe the quote carefully in your research paper notes. Just remember to add quotation marks while organizing your notes.

The Key Terms

Your research papers will not be making much sense if you’re not explaining the key terms right. Every research paper has a bunch of key terms, and you really need to explain all of them. This will help you make the direction of the research paper very clear to the reader. It doesn’t matter how hard, complex or technical your topic is, if you are explaining the key terms right, your paper will turn out amazing. However, there is no need to take notes for any random key terms that are not related to your topic. So start collecting the key terms from your thesis and keep adding them to your notes.

The Abbreviations

Another area that is going to need explanation in your research paper is the abbreviations. In writing research papers you are allowed to use abbreviations for the main concepts of their topic. These short forms allow you to explain the concept in shorter sentences without having to use lengthy words again and again. However, you cannot move forward without explaining these short forms in your research paper notes. The best way to do it is to make a list of the short forms while describing them in your notes. Make sure you either arranged them in alphabetical order or according to their placement in the research paper.

The Responses

The final step of organizing your research paper notes is to record the replies of the analysis carefully. After this, all you have to do is bridge the recorded information with your point of view. In other words, you will be highlighting the connection between all the arguments you have mentioned and the topic. Moreover, you need to remember to discuss the similarities and differences between the multiple research arguments. Furthermore, you can add notes about how other credible researchers are using this evidence in their studies. Hence you will be able to explain the significance of all the arguments you are using and why they are important.


Research papers are possibly the hardest thing you have to deal with to get your degree. However, using certain methods can help you make the process easier ad reach your goals. So use the 7 steps above if you want to organize your research paper notes. For further assistance, you can always avail of our dissertation writing service!

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