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How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

Receiving writing assignments in college might look like a major hassle. Having to sit down and write an entire essay out by yourself isn’t exactly an easy task to accomplish. Due to academic stress, paired with a probable part-time job, there just wouldn’t be enough time to do your work, which leads to many students asking other people to the dissertation help online. Likewise, among the most common tasks students struggle with are persuasive essays. These essays may look complicated, but it is relatively straightforward to write to them, although you will need some guidance to do so.

There are some elements that you need to get right before you write the essay. These are some prerequisites to this, which are mentioned below.

A solid position

The key to effective writing is to make sure that you stand for a position. As you will be writing a persuasive essay, you need to provide a convincing argument for your readers that is for or against a topic. For you to take a side, you must think about your essay with a cool head. You should be thinking deeply about the issue, taking into account all its causes and factors, as that will let you form better and stronger arguments.

Proper research

The foundation for your persuasive essay will be detailed research. As this is an academic paper, your opinions and statements need to be backed up with sufficient evidence, and the lack of which may invalidate your document. The goal here is to provide better evidence in your favor so that opposing arguments appear weaker in comparison. You would need a methodic approach to research correctly, to collect the best data for your arguments.

Essay structure

You need to organise your essay in a way that is easily understandable and coherent to its readers. You should aim for a natural flow that doesn’t leave room for errors or misunderstandings.

Knowledge of your audience

All persuasive essays are written with their audiences in mind. Depending on the issue at hand, your audiences must be able to relate to the issue, and your essay should rely on the tenets of successful arguments to make an impact.

Persuasive essay format

As a persuasive essay is an essay, after all, the layout will be the regular five-paragraph kind. You might be accustomed to these kinds of essays, but if that’s not the case, you can look below to get an idea of what’s expected.


The intro to your essay needs to be what grabs the attention of your readers as soon as possible. For this to happen, it needs to be attractive and interestingly state your point, without sounding too much like clickbait. It also needs to provide its readers with some background info on the subject. Towards the end of your intro, you should include a thesis statement that clearly describes your aims.

Body paragraphs

The body of your essay needs to contain all of the arguments that are on your side. You can assign one paragraph to introduce and explain one point, and also use a paragraph or two to challenge any opposing viewpoints.


You need to conclude your essay with a restatement of your central argument and the points that support it. No new details must be added here, as that will simply confuse readers.

Take a break!

After the final word has been written, you should take a few days off to allow your mind to cool down fully. After that, return for a proofreading session, and submit confidently.

Students enrolled in masters or Ph.D. programs are well aware of writing the most important scholarly written document required from them in the final year. The students are well aware that writing the most important research work of their entire academic career is a challenging and difficult task. These research work commonly known as thesis and dissertation both constitute long processes including different steps i.e.; planning, data collection, researching, writing, revising and proof-reading.

The dissertation is a well-researched document written specifically on a research problem. A researcher tends to investigate all the aspects and perspectives of the problem along with proving adequate solutions to it. A dissertation is a door to achieving the most precious doctoral degree. A dissertation tends to mark development in the field by contributing a new addition to the knowledge of particular subjects.

A dissertation may take up to 3 or more years to complete because of the challenging hurdles a student has to face. At first, students mistake to consider the dissertation the same as other research work. However, it becomes a nightmare when they actually start researching and writing the dissertation. A dissertation is a systematic research work that starts with proposal and ends with defending. It is a lot more than a student can barely think of.

It might happen that a researcher invests most of his time researching but fails to execute a dissertation within the submission deadline. It might happen a researcher fails to understand how to structure of the dissertation. Therefore, they may look for Dissertation Help UK to seek professional assistance in terms of their dissertation. Well, this is not the case with you only. There are thousands of students having the same cases facing such difficulties. The struggle of writing a dissertation begins with the starting of the dissertation itself.

To resolve this concern of most of the student. This blog entails the top five tips that help to complete the dissertation from start to finish and that too within the due date.

  1. Plan your dissertation: The thought of writing a dissertation may sound fascinating at first. However, if you think a research work simple involves researching and writing the dissertation then probably you are more wrong than ever. A dissertation includes several steps including making the proposal, collecting research material, finding evidence for research, evaluating the findings and then concluding the research work in a proper manner that too within a pre-defined submission deadline. Following all the steps in a dissertation may take more time than approx. months and in some cases the data collection may exceed years. Therefore, while presenting the dissertation proposal it is the responsibility of the researcher to mention the outline or time schedule each chapter would require.

Planning your dissertation before starting your dissertation allows a researcher to work according to an outline. It guides the researcher to work according to time and sequence. 

  • Focus on Aim and Objectives: To initiate the dissertation and finish it till the end with dedication. A researcher should focus on the final goals or end product of the dissertation. Keeping in mind that dissertation is the doorway to success and it poses great importance for a professional career. Writing a dissertation particularly in your field may give a nice impression on the employer that you have in-depth research and know-how of your field. It also requires the researcher to focus on the aims and objectives of the dissertation. Having varied research objectives allows the researcher to be focused and cover the topic with maximum perspectives.     
  • Focus on the progress of your dissertation: A dissertation is a series of different chapters, each requiring different kinds of work from the researcher. It might happen that a single dissertation chapter for instance data collection may take more time than finding previous literature available on a particular topic. Therefore, time management is the key to your dissertation. If you wish to keep your dissertation on track, then you should instantly execute the chapter of your dissertation. Do not rely on the first draft of your dissertation, keep revising and re-drafting it to produce visible positive effects. 
  • Prepare yourself for the challenges: Writing a dissertation itself is not the most difficult challenge of all time. There are several other challenges that come in the way of writing the dissertation. A dissertation may give the worst chills to the researcher when it gets stuck in between because of reasons like not finding relevant literature, respondents not co-operating, data collection more time than you thought and absence of your supervisor. Therefore, you should be mentally prepared yourself for challenges and find alternatives to get along with these challenges.
  • Priorities your work: It might take years to complete a single dissertation. Finding research material and writing it in the sequence is a tiring task. Focusing on writing the dissertation for many years is a difficult job therefore it is highly required from a researcher to priorities some hours of his daily routine on the dissertation. Work according to the scheduled time to not get bored. 
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