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How To Start Writing A Dissertation

Before starting to write a dissertation, a candidate for a Candidate of Science degree must determine how much he needs a scientific degree, since writing a Ph.D. thesis implies 3-4 years of intense scientific research, direct preparation of a dissertation, scientific articles, an abstract, publication of scientific papers and participation in scientific conferences, as well as the protection of the scientific work prepared by the applicant personally at the department and the dissertation council, lucky for students, through Dissertation Educators, students don’t have to go through this hassle.

It should be noted that the thesis is not work written off from several Internet sources, but independently performed scientific work having scientific novelty and making a definite contribution to the relevant field of knowledge. Therefore, we have the opportunity to use the service of writing a dissertation for an order, which through many years of experience, Dissertation Educators can provide.

The first stage of preparation for writing a dissertation is the choice of the dissertation council, which will defend the work prepared by the applicant. Obviously, the basic course of the applicant, and also the profile of his work in the last period of time, largely influence the choice of the council.

The next stage is the study of the passport of a scientific specialty, according to which the selected dissertation council accepts dissertations for defense. (see Passports of specialties of scientific workers).

The object of research is some part of the field of science investigated by the applicant, processes, and phenomena that are the cause of the problem that has not been solved to date.

After concretizing the object and the subject of research, it is necessary to consider the relevance of the issues under study, that is, to assess the timeliness and necessity of their solution.

The purpose of the work is usually completed in tune with the thesis topic, with the addition at the beginning of the phrase: “to develop.”, or at the end of the phrase: “providing an effective …”.

When formulating problems, they use turns: “to reveal the essence,” to formulate and justify “,” to reveal factors, “to consider, “to” analyze, “study, “develop, “determine the place. “

Obviously, to determine the purpose and objectives of the study, it is necessary to analyze literary sources, that is, scientific works of domestic and foreign authors devoted to the topic of the dissertation. The work of the predecessors is studied to determine the lack of thoroughness of the issues studied by the competitor, determine the need for further research in the direction in question.

The next stage is the development of the concept of work, which includes the main characteristics of the work and determines its scope.

The main characteristics of the dissertation research are:

– relevance

– goals and objectives of the dissertation

– object and subject of research

– scientific novelty

– scientific provisions to be issued for defense and their validity

– The practical (economic, social) significance of the results obtained.

The next stage is the presentation of the concept to the scientific supervisor and the members of the department for the purpose of receiving their comments and wishes, which will enable the competitor to exclude from consideration deliberately incorrect solutions to the tasks set and to clarify the scope of his scientific research, which is sent back to the writer at Dissertation Educators, who will look at those complaints with regards to the supervisors complaint and rectify them.

After the scientific director approves the plan of the dissertation and its concept, one can proceed to the preparation of the dissertation itself. 

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