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Dissertation assignments are extended pieces of literature that are chosen by students themselves in order to write on a particular topic usually related to their academics. With the recent trends of education, the popularity of the dissertation has increased drastically, along with the need for dissertation writers. Writing a dissertation can either be one of the easiest or the hardest things to do, entirely depending on how one perceives his methodology. The path that one elects in order to complete his dissertation will govern the complexity or simplicity of a certain piece of dissertation.

Like any formal document writing a dissertation also requires a great amount of expertise and understanding as the dissertation is entirely dependent on the dissertation writer. These dissertations usually answer a specific answer that has been posed forward to the writer. The length of the dissertation may however vary as it can be between 10,000 to 20,000 words depending on the subject of the dissertation. The basic reason to write up a dissertation is to answer the question posed but along with the answer the process of answering the question itself is also important. The process may even be far important than the actual finding because if the data that has been collected through the process is inaccurate or unusable then no results can be derived from this whatsoever. However, if the results attained are inaccurate but it can be seen that the dissertation is relevant and the dissertation writer has learned something through the whole process, there is a huge chance that the person could end up with a good grade for his or her paper. Being able to analyze and research the topics is the most important indication of learning through the dissertation process which in reality is the real reason for it.


Before stepping on to writing a certain piece of literature it is essential to know the grounds and the universe that will be needed to be covered in the dissertation. One should know of the useful literature that will help derive more fruitful results. This also includes looking around for relevant information or being able to do the necessary experiments related to the topic being researched. This then leads to the use of questionnaires or interviews for further data collection ultimately providing with a pathway to make the wheel rolling.

However, this part of the dissertation requires a lot of expertise and patience because if the data collected is useless in this regard this could cause the researcher to redo his work losing a lot of time. So, in terms of interviewing or data collection, patience is the key.

In cases like these the supervisor or the in-charge of the dissertation proves to be quite helpful as he or she can help the dissertation writer to elect the most useful method for the dissertation this includes the election of the universe, the targeted audience, the data collection method and many other elements that bring out a well-formed dissertation writing.


Following are the parts of a well-written dissertation paper. However, these may vary depending upon the supervisor but this is the general form of the structure

The title:

The title is obviously the most important element of the research, it is very crucial to come up with a formal and correct title for the dissertation because anyone who comes across your dissertation before or after publication will look at the title. If the title is interesting and appealing enough it will provide a level for attraction for the users.

The title needs to be precise and needs to raise a question or a definite statement. If the title is too vague it could indicate a lack of focus causing a reduced interest of the reader, thus it is important to have a concise and focused title.

There is also another approach for this where a two-part title can be written with one indicating the general title and the other part signifying the more focused title. The first raises the curiosity whereas the other makes it easier for the reader to have a more focused view of the research. Adding a subtitle also helps as it explains what the title is about.


An abstract is a well-constructed and short summary comprising of 300 words approximately, this includes an overview of the whole dissertation as it has all the components of the dissertation along with the conclusion.

Although the placement of the abstract is in the beginning. It is believed to be best written at the end as it makes easier for the writer to have all the data and information lined up in front of him which reduces the chances and the need of making corrections again and again.


The introduction as the name signifies is the part that introduces the research, there are a number of things that are covered in this part which include: aims and objectives, the need of this research, glossary, acknowledgement of limitations and problems (listing things that the research will not address) the explanation of the structure of the dissertation

Literature Review:

The literature review includes pre-existing material that supports or justifies the research paper being written


The research methods can be conducted in multiple ways which are known as the methods of research or simply the methodology, this part explains the method of research that has been adopted by the researcher along with why he or she chose that specific method for this research.

Finding and discussions:

The data collected from the research is listed in this section of the dissertation paper this is usually the empirical data and can be written in multiple sections depending on the type of data that has been collected in the process of research. Although the data can also be written together as there is flexibility in this regard.

The discussions explain the findings and also the problem that was faced during this research which can reduce the chances of hurdles in similar researches in the future for others.

Conclusion and recommendations:

The conclusion and the recommendation section sum up the research and derive results from the research. This also adds a summarized statement of the researcher on the dissertation that has been conducted along with the suggestions of the researcher regarding the research to yield the most fruitful results in the future.


Reference is the section where citations related to the research are present, it includes quoting all the works that one uses through the research process and the bibliography is the list of all the material that had been read by the researcher while conducting the research. These are important as well as they allow the reader to formulate ideas further.


Anything which is not included in the main text can be found in the appendices section, documents like blank questionnaires, covering letters, statistical analysis can all be found in this section. However, it is very seldom that the raw data is asked to be presented in the research as the superiors mostly prefer viewing a more systematic form of the data.

With all these things said it can easily be said that if someone follows the structure mentioned above, he or she is most likely to succeed in writing an admirable piece of research, guides like these often prove to be useful for the dissertation writers.

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