The most difficult task a student faces is a dissertation. Every student has to complete it to earn their complete their higher degree program. It is similar to other writing task. However, it is long and takes months to write a perfect dissertation. There are various chapters in a dissertation, which many students cannot handle properly. Well, that is totally understandable. Remember that you can hire UK Dissertation Writers based academic help services to ease things for you. There are dozens of excellent help services available on the internet.

Students often think about the time period a dissertation process takes. If you are studying in a Ph.D. program, you probably know the worth of dissertation writing. Students have to start writing dissertations dedicatedly. Many students cannot devote sufficient time toward it, and end up getting unexpected results. The long tiring process of writing a dissertation leads students to procrastination..

How Long Is A Dissertation?

The length of dissertation varies. However, a standard dissertation word count is around 12,000 words in undergraduate program. On the other hand, the standard word count for a master’s level program is around 20,000 to 24,000 words. For Ph.D. students, a dissertation can be above 50,000 words.

The Dissertation Process

Aside from the length of a dissertation, the process also relies upon three aspects.

  • The amount of time you have to spend on your research. It is necessary to prepare a time schedule for it.
  • Finding how long it will take to complete. Usually, a dissertation process takes a year to complete.
  • Swiftness of your professors’ guidelines. Your professors will guide you in your project, and it significantly affect the process.

Besides, the dissertation process usually takes a year. Also, Ph.D. students may need more than a year to complete the first draft of their dissertation. Most Ph.D. students spend around two years in conducting research and gathering data for their dissertation. Meanwhile, they have to deal with other courses as well.

Also, before submitting a dissertation proposal, students have to pass their finals and complete all their pending coursework. However, if a student has coursework or exams on pending, it does not mean they cannot start working on their dissertation. Instead, students should start working on it as soon as possible.

How Long Is The Overall Process?

The usual time period of a dissertation writing process is around 13 months. Remember, it is not fixed. However, average students require at least 13 months to make a perfect dissertation. The rest of the time period criteria depends upon your school requirements.

University Requirements

Every university has a different criteria of dissertation. Some universities demand a certain hours spent on dissertation process to complete the graduation. On the other hand, some demands one year of dissertation credits to earn the degree. Thus, it varies from school to school.

So if you manage to complete your dissertation before time. You may still need to spend the remaining time working on your dissertation to get a degree. It is a tiresome rule, but many schools follow it. Besides, here are some factors that can help you estimate how long a dissertation writing process is.

Collecting Data

This phase varies significantly. The collection of data may takes months. However, some students find relevant and enough data for their research in weeks. It relies upon your topic. If you selected a rare topic, you may find it hard to gather data and conduct interviews about it. You may be unable to find enough people to gather samples for your data. Therefore, this part of a dissertation is unpredictable.

Conduct Research

It is the main part of a dissertation process. Everything depends upon research. The more you research, the better data you will get. The research process contains interviews, surveys, collecting evidence, and lots of study on your selected topic. It takes months to conduct an excellent research upon your topic.

Making A Structure

Making an excellent structure is necessary and time-consuming. You need a good structure to fit your data according to your needs. Also, it keeps things organized. Many students spend enormous time on making a perfect structure.

Write The Dissertation

The sections of a dissertation are same in every field of education. A standard dissertation contains an introduction, abstract, methodology, literature review, discussion, results, and conclusion. Also, your professor may offer you the template. If you have any doubts about the template, you can seek help from your supervisor.


Everything depends upon you. It is the biggest factor to complete a dissertation. Ask yourself how dedicated you are towards it? How much time you are willing to spend on it? How many things you can sacrifice to complete your dissertation timely? Do things easily distract you? Does your study area is suitable? All these factors affect the dissertation process. The more you are unaware of them, the more time it will take to complete it. Anyway, if you run out of time, do not hesitate to ask for help. You can hire Dissertation Writers UK based academic help services to complete it on time.

Besides, the above ways can help you identify how long a dissertation writing process is. If you plan beforehand, you can save yourself from a lot of trouble. These factors can make you aware of the time period. Thus, you can manage time efficiently now for your dissertation process.

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