Dissertation Vs Thesis: What’s The Difference?

You have to complete a dissertation or a thesis, one or the other earning a degree. However, this is the incorrect norm. Generally, writing a thesis is a part of a master’s degree program. A student has to present an original paper by following a certain plan. On the other hand, the dissertation belongs to a doctoral program. Every student has to complete and defend their dissertations to complete the program. Also, if you have a dissertation or thesis pending, you can get help from UK Dissertation Writing Services available on the internet. Getting help is easy now.

More, the completion of the thesis and dissertation defines the major difference. The thesis stands as a final project at the end of a master’s program, but the dissertation takes place throughout the doctoral program.

Purpose Of Dissertation And Thesis

Their goals are different. Here, the purpose of the thesis is to assess whether you are knowledgeable about your field. On the other hand, a dissertation offers us a chance to provide new knowledge and theories. The purpose of a dissertation is to come up with a new concept, mold it and defend your idea.

Both thesis and dissertation focus on the student’s thoughts and their skills to pick up info. A thesis is a stop of a master’s level degree program. However, if a student wants to pursue their field further, the doors of a dissertation are always open. Students can invent a new concept from their research and present it in the dissertation. Still, thousands of people are unaware of the meaning of the dissertation and thesis. It is understandable that these two terms are confusing. However, some information on them can help you clear your mind.

The Meaning Of A Dissertation And Thesis

The meaning is simple behind both. A thesis is a showcase of students’ powers and knowledge regarding their field of education and research topic. Every master’s level student needs to submit it to earn the degree. The length of a thesis is around 12,000 words, relying upon your school’s needs. On the other hand, a dissertation is lengthy. It takes two to three years to complete. Also, it is more than double the length of a thesis. Plus, its aim is to forge a new concept.

Difference Between Dissertation And Thesis

  • The completion process defines the common difference between both of them. A thesis completion means the end of a master’s level program. On the other hand, a dissertation is a task you have to go through during your Ph.D. program.
  • A thesis is a process of collecting research. It makes sure whether a student has adequate knowledge about their research topic and field of education. Contrarily, a dissertation offers a chance to the scholars to provide whole new theories and concepts to donate to their research field.
  • The thesis aims to work on the existing information and present good knowledge. On the other hand, the purpose of the dissertation is to create a rare concept and support it with facts and valid evidence.
  • The length of both of them varies widely. A thesis is around 100 pages long. However, a dissertation is comparatively longer than a thesis. Generally, a dissertation is three times longer than a thesis. Also, it has more factors, such as grant proposal, ideating of research topic, and every minor info about the topic. Also, the time difference is huge between them. Usually, a thesis takes a year to complete. On the other hand, a dissertation needs around two to three years.

Common Things Between A Dissertation And Thesis

  • Just as I mentioned above, both of them are final projects. You need to complete them respectively to earn a degree.
  • You need to complete all the coursework before writing a thesis or dissertation. Both demand a profound understanding of your field of education.
  • Both of them deal with specific research themes and problems.
  • You need excellent academic writing skills to complete your thesis and dissertation.
  • You must follow the given practices while collecting data.
  • Whether you write a thesis or a dissertation, plagiarism is intolerable.
  • You must refine your analytical skills to defend your proof.
  • Both of them require concentrated editing and proofreading.


The misunderstanding between a dissertation and a thesis is real. However, both are different from each other. We cannot use one term for both in the academic world. You should know their purposes accordingly. Thus, they serve different purposes. Still, they have several things in common. A student has to spend proper time, whether they are writing a thesis or a dissertation. Else, you may not achieve expected results. Also, you can seek help from Dissertation Writing Services available on the internet. This way, you can ease things for yourself.

Moreover, time management, writing, and critical thinking skills play a vital part here. You may need to improve them before reaching out to your thesis or dissertation. However, remember you will have a lot of time to complete the final projects. So you can work on everything conveniently.

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