Development Economics Dissertation Topics Ideas

Are you one of those students who have a keen interest in global issues and wants to understand the economic transformation and growth process of different developing countries? Then you must get your degree in development economics. Development economics is a field where you can learn about social justice, economic policies, and international development organizations. By entering this field, you can contribute towards poverty reduction by addressing the challenges faced by the economy of any developing nation. Does this interest you? Then you must start your career in development economics. But wait! Before going towards a professional career, you must first get your degree, and to get that, you have to write a compelling and attention-grabbing dissertation.

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Dissertation Topic Ideas For Development Economics

Before looking into the dissertation topics for development economics, let’s first look into what really is development economics? It Is the study of economics that completely focuses on the policy-making and process of development of those countries that are going through the process of growth. Growth of their economy, their citizen’s welfare, social and political changes, in short, developing countries. When you take admission in development economics, you get to study about the development process of a country while looking at their contribution and challenges faced during the reduction of poverty and inequality of their citizens.

Development economics has been divided into many sub-sections, based on these sections you can choose your topics of dissertation to get a boost in your academic journey. Following are the subcategories of development economics;

Poverty & Inequality

Those who are interested in exploring the challenges and causes of poverty and inequality in any country can write their dissertation in this field. You can explore the methodologies of different countries while working for their citizens based on poverty reduction and providing the modes of equality within their power of resources. While writing the dissertation, you can also provide some remedies for easing the challenges faced by the country and you can also suggest some futuristic policies for them as well. Following could be the potential topics for your dissertation based on poverty and inequality in any country;

  • Role Of Social Welfare Policies In Reducing Poverty - Challenges And Analysis.
  • Right To Education And Job Opportunities Based On Gender Inequality - Causes & Policy Suggestions
  • How Can Micro-Finance Plays The Role In Reducing Poverty In Rural Areas Of a Country

Financial Development

If you have an interest and dedication towards development economics then you must invest your time in monitoring and calculating the role and impact of foreign investment, direct or indirect, in the policy-making of any developing country. You can also focus on the technological transfer and advancements, infrastructure development, and how they have a part in the sustainability of the economy of any country, also you can see what could be future measures that can help in economic growth based on these factors. Following could be the main topics, or theme for your dissertation revolving around the financial part of development economics;

  • Role Of Foreign Investment In The Economic Growth Of Developing Countries - Direct And Indirect
  • Technology Transfer & Innovation And Their Role In Economic Sustainability
  • How To Have Sustainable Economic Growth With The Help Of Infrastructure Investment And Development

Human Improvement

If you are a person with deep empathy and passion for helping out the one in need, then you must tilt your focus toward the human improvement or human development part of development economics. In this portion, you can learn and write about the real struggles and challenges faced by the citizens of any developing country. While researching the quality of education, and distribution of resources among them, such as health care services, labor market, education, finance, basic needs, and institutional development, you can suggest some measures and policies to make them better for the future. Some of the pinpoints for your dissertation could be;

  • Quality Of Education And Its Impact On Formation Of Human Capital.
  • Accessibility Of Healthcare And Its Impact On Human Development Index
  • How To Make Matched Skills & Pay For Labor Market For Human Development

Development Of Institutions

You can not talk about development economics without mentioning the development of institutions in any developing country. It is that vast sub-section of developing economics that focuses on the property rights and tenure system of land(s). when you choose this field you can also learn and write about the link and impact of and between corruption and with institutional quality of that country. The law and administration system of a developing country is also focused on in this section while showing the direct link in the financial and institutional development of that country. Write an interesting dissertation for your degree from some of these topics suggested by our experts;

Foreign Funding & Trade

Foreign aid plays a very vital role in the policy-making and development of any developing country. Here you can investigate how foreign aid is affecting the distribution of income opportunities of any individual or society by making the trade opportunities more open and less restricted. Also, you can write about how the currency fluctuation of any developing country plays a part in the trade of goods and services of that country, and most importantly, you can investigate how the worldwide financial crisis of the past 20 years is affecting the economic development of any developing country. Ain’t all this very interesting and helpful for your academic success? Then choose your topic from;

6. Sustainable Economic Development

Development economics is not only about financial and legal matters but also about the futuristic approach any developing country can take to making their economy sustainable and changing their status from a developing country to a developed and sustainable country. As a researcher, you can learn and write about the role of global environmental policies and their impact on developing countries. Also, you can explore the role of accepting the options of renewable energy in the sustainability of the economy of any developing country. Not only this, but you can tilt your focus towards the role of social entrepreneurship in the sustainability of the development of any economy. Check out the topics;

  • Role Of Environmental Policies In the Sustainability Of The Economy Of a Developing Country
  • Renewable Energy And Its Impact On Maintaining Financial Development Of Developing Country
  • How The Social Entrepreneurship Plays a Role In The Promotion Of Environmental Sustainability

When you write a dissertation in development economics, you write and analyze the tools and ideas used for the growth of any developing country and how they play their part in the growth of the lifestyle of the citizens of that country. You can also explore policy-making and suggest measures for the betterment of the country and for raising the standard of living of the citizens. All of this seems very interesting and quite boosted your confidence for being a part of the change for your or any other developing country, however, writing a dissertation on these topics could be very difficult and time-consuming.

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