Current Education Issues In The UK

Education is one of the most vital things for humans. Education has helped humans evolve from primitive creatures to the most dominant species on the planet. We have conquered mountains and seas and changed everything about our lives. There is a lot of difference in our lifestyle from a century ago. Everything from online dissertation help to entertainment is at our disposal. Education has made all this possible for us.


It is no surprise that the education system has evolved into something different now. Everything about education is different now, thanks to digital technology. The applications of digital technology in education are endless. It has changed everything about our educational system from its approach to its methodology.

The leading countries, such as the United States, China, and the United Kingdom have adopted this digital system. However, like all things, even this has its drawbacks. .

We need to understand that there are problems in the education system around the world. It is important to address these problems as a priority if we want to secure the student’s futures.


The changes in educational systems have their pros and cons. everyone knows that the systems require changes. It is not easy to cover every educational system. So, we will discuss the issues in the British educational system since it is the most popular.


The British education system is affected recently. The year 2020 was not good for education due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students from all over the world were not able to take physical classes.

It is because everyone has shifted to online learning to reduce physical contact.

However, it gave rise to the following problems for us. Let’s do a quick review of these issues in the UK:



Perhaps the biggest issue that teachers are having is with assessments. Assessments are an integral part of the educational system. They help determine the learning and qualification of students throughout the learning process.

You cannot expect to be fair if you do not have an effecting grading system. The online system has affected this the most. There is no practical way to grade the exams with justice. The exams are online, and so is the grading. Students can cheat easily on their exams.

There are various things like IP tracking, video monitoring, and virtual security that teaches are using. However, these things are not effective for students. Students are using cheating material and professional help to ace their exams. Unfortunately, there is no way to ensure fair marking till now.


The next most important problem that teachers are facing in their curriculum. The teachers are new to online teaching and so are the students. The syllabus and the teaching methods that the teachers use are for physical learning.

It is hard to incorporate them into online learning. The teachers are not able to present their knowledge and teach efficiently. The quality of education is suffering a lot because of this.

Teachers cannot communicate with their students properly. It is because they are using online software. Many students are passing their courses without actually learning anything because of this. It could have devastating effects for the generations to come. We would have qualified individuals who would not know anything.


Another important impact of this is on teacher well-being. Many teachers are starting from scratch because of online learning. They are working harder than they have to despite their old ages to teach students.

The teachers are under a lot of pressure from the institutions, parents, and students. All of this is having a pessimistic effect on their health and wellbeing.

Studies show that the stress levels of teachers have increased dramatically in the past 6-months. So, it is important to address this problem if we want to achieve balance.


Teachers aren’t the only ones who are facing problems because of the new learning system. The students are also facing a lot of problems due to online learning. The education institutions keep bombarding students with assignments, quizzes, and recorded lectures, and it is difficult for them to cope.

Students are facing constant problems and criticism from all around. It has a bad effect on their mental health because students feel isolated and depressed. They are not able to communicate with the teachers properly during online classes. Most of the students tend to lose their concentration during the recorded lecture. It has a direct impact on their mental health.

The worst part is that the number of students suffering from this problem is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is essential to take the necessary steps to ensure mental health protection.


There are tons of degrees that require the students to conduct researches. You will need to work on it, especially, if you are in college or higher education. However, researching during lockdown is tough for everyone. We are allowed to move unnecessarily, and people are not available even if students go for data. Students all over the UK are facing problems with their research work because of this.


One of the most common problems that students have in their learning and education right now is communication. The majority of the communication is through emails due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students cannot communicate with their teachers properly. It has had a profound effect on their education and learning as well.

It is important to hold healthy communication when it comes to education. We cannot expect the children to learn only through recorded material. The students need to know that they can reach out to their teachers whenever they want to.

The teachers are also facing these communication problems because they cannot share their knowledge properly because of this. Unfortunately, teachers need to rely on software to teach children and everyone knows that they are not as effective as physical learning and teaching.


Another major problem for students in the UK is technical issues all around them. According to statistics, more than 40% of the students do not have good internet service. The studies show that the teachers do not have good quality internet and all of this is a serious problem for the teachers and the students alike!

Teachers are unable to take classes efficiently due to these conditions and that affects the students directly too.


It is important to understand the need of improving these problems in education. None of us know how long it could take things to get back to normal. Digital education is the only option that we have till then. Thus, it is important to address these issues and make sure that these issues are resolved.

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