9 Steps To Turning Your Dissertation Into A Book Manuscript

A dissertation is a wordy piece of writing that carries the potential of being a solid book. Yet, the two are poles apart. A dissertation is a scholarly piece that you write in order to get a doctoral degree. Whether you use dissertation writing services or write it yourself, a dissertation differs greatly from a traditional book. Though, you can turn your dissertation into a full-blown book. If you are someone who wants to turn their dissertation into a book manuscript, we have got you covered.

Deciding to turn your dissertation into a book manuscript is a good choice. However, you need to keep a few things in mind. First, a dissertation is mainly academic and a book caters to a wide variety of people that may or may not be academic readers. In this article, we would go through some points that will make your dissertation turn into a credible book manuscript.

Decide Early

Since you are planning to convert your dissertation into a book manuscript, you need to decide that early. Dissertation writing is mainly bland with no reader appeal. It is written with regard to a certain audience, mostly being supervisors and professors. You want to write your dissertation for a bigger and wider audience. For that, writing style plays a crucial role. Although everything you are going to go in your dissertation will be textbook, the writing style needs to be changed.

Pick a topic that you think is relevant for your dissertation and book both. Not every topic has the potential of being a book, and not every topic has the potential of being a dissertation. If you are aiming to base your book on your dissertation, you have to make sure that your topic is up to par and has the prospective of resonating with people.

Propagate Your Own Voice

Next, you have to make sure that your tone is unique. A dissertation is mostly based on research, and when researching, scholars adopt the writing style of others, subconsciously. You need to avoid that. Pick any accomplished author. What makes them distinct is their ability to propagate their own voice. If you are aiming to be an author and wants to publish a book on your dissertation, creating your tone is necessary.

Be true to yourself. Don’t exert yourself into being something you are not. Your writing style needs to its own. Not only will it be easy to articulate your sentences when writing your dissertation, but also you can also resonate with your readers better. So, when writing your dissertation, try to instil your own voice and establish a tone that is true to yourself.

Aim for a Bigger Audience

Remember, a book caters to a bigger audience. When writing your dissertation, try to write it for a bigger audience and not just for your professor and supervisor. Your book needs to be written in a general pattern. Your topic needs to address everything academic, all the while managing to keep it in a casual tone.

One thing you can do in order to turn your dissertation into a book manuscript is to take your dissertation and act like you are writing a book manuscript. From day one, write your dissertation as you are writing a book manuscript that you would need to publish one day.

Get Your Schedule Right

Another important aspect involving turning your dissertation into a book is a schedule. Time passes by with no warning. As a scholar, your time is already of importance. Chances are, you are already invested in other things that consume most of your days’ time. So, if you want to turn your dissertation into a book manuscript, you need to factor in the time problem.

Sort your day to day routine. If you are planning to turn your dissertation into a book, you need significant time management. That can only happen if you sort your schedule and plan your writing routine. Your dissertation needs consistency and you cannot provide it without a proper plan of writing. Divide your schedule into days and various time slots and adjust writing periods in that slots. Write daily, and be religious about it. If you are really busy, try to get at least two to three pages of daily writing.

Research More

Don’t think your research is complete when you are done with your dissertation writing. It is now time to start converting your dissertation into a book manuscript. For that, you need to do some additional research. Your book manuscript may include additional chapters that you haven’t tackled in your dissertation. You need to start your research process for that from scratch.

Make sure you accumulate all the necessary literature before incorporating it into your book manuscript. You may also research different writing styles for your book. You may also research the formatting style and other useful areas of book writing. In a nutshell, your book manuscript needs proper additional research in order to be impeccable.

Take Recommendations and Feedback

Another useful step that you need to follow is to take feedback. Share your progress with a professor of your liking and your friends. Have their opinions. Take criticism with a positive outlook. See if what they are saying is actually a problem in your book manuscript that you need to sort. Taking recommendations of your superiors. Ask them if they think something can be done to improve your book manuscript.

However, don’t take every advice and implement it in your book manuscript. Since it is for your book manuscript, you need to judge that on your own. Taking recommendations and feedback will allow you to see from a third eye, and you will be surprised to see the results.

Divide It into Chapters

Since you are aiming for a book manuscript, you need to follow the general rules. You need to divide your content into chapters. A dissertation also has chapters, but they are limited to an academic setting. However, your book will be general in tone and you need to divide your matter into chapters.

Besides, you need to keep the word count or pages of each chapter limited. You can’t have a chapter that is 70 pages long and you can’t have your chapters uneven. If one chapter of yours is 10 pages long, your next needs to be around that too. Give your book manuscript a decent book formatting.

Edit and Proofread

Writing and converting your dissertation into a book manuscript is one thing, but having to clear it from minor mistakes is another. You have to give some time into editing and proofreading. You need to make sure that your book manuscript is perfectly formatted with zero grammatical or linguistic error.

Moreover, you can also hire professional editors and proofreaders to do that job for you. In short, editing and proofreading is an important step as any.

Picking the Publisher

The publisher is the one that is responsible for publishing your book. You need to get approval from a publisher in order to get your book published. People can easily use dissertation writing services to get the perfect dissertation but you need to impress a publisher with your book’s content. Your book manuscript has to be written in such a way that it provides a feeling of a book. It shouldn’t look like the dissertation you have submitted.

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