5 Reasons Your Small Business Website Doesn’t Generate Sales

Generating high volume of traffic but low rate of conversion? Possibly this is because of your website. Your website is your corporate face, your online marketplace, your brand name. You want it to show your company well. You will experience very poor conversion rates when it isn’t. Maybe you have a company that is offering custom dissertation writing services and has a competent team; however, it isn’t working out in the conversion rate department. We understand that feeling.

There are many significant variables that go with how well a website is working and also its ability to deliver leads in results. If your website is not regularly being updated with the latest conversion practices, it will slip backwards and your rivals will move ahead. There are many reasons why your website isn’t generating sales. Knowing them is crucial in combating. Below are some reasons why your site does not generate sales:

1. Your Website Is Old-fashioned

Over the years, car designs have changed dramatically, and still do so every year. Why? For what? Therefore, the manufacturers will remove any engine failures and keep up with the design trends. You can easily equate websites with vehicles, as they both require the same things: new designs, new systems, maintenance ongoing, etc.

Getting a website updated involves elements such as: a clean, up-to – date URL structure that clearly sets out the route for users to follow, a mobile-friendly design, a search engine-friendly website content management system (CMS) and much more. Just because, for instance, you can easily create a website in a format that is “drag and drop” doesn’t mean it’s nice to the search engine. The use of these very basic CMS systems is often not the best option for your long-term website strategy because they have minimal SEO capabilities.

Website designs do need to be revised every couple of years to remain up to the technology and design trends of today. Designs are changing for a reason, mostly because the way people use websites is changing. If your website has not been updated in a while, it is definitely obsolete and will not help your business as much as it might be.

2. You Don’t Spend Anything on Website Development

This is something that we hear a lot from smaller companies that can’t always afford a fully managed solution. If you expect to get more sales online, your website marketing should be your primary focus. Invest in recruiting more sales people? Why? For what? Cold calling is a selling strategy which is obsolete. To keep up with the changing marketing patterns of today, more needs to be invested in inbound marketing. It is one of the most cost-effective solutions and always yields a strong return on investment when properly done.

If anyone actively searches out a product or service, they are likely to be a professional customer searching for a reputable business. If your company does not have an online presence when they are investigating, you could miss out on sales. Only think of yourself as a customer. Do you like someone to call you with a sales pitch at random, or would you prefer to do the work yourself and email the company with the best offer?

3. Your Content Is Not Creative Enough

You need to have a strong content plan when it comes to website marketing to draw visitors who can turn to leads. The first step is to study keywords that concentrate on conversion output rather than pure high volume. Next, you want to have your target keywords integrated into the content. It covers your blog posts, material on social media and a snapshot of your updated website. All three areas will suit your keyword strategy. Your content should be relevant and engaging. It should make a reader stay. Construct your content in such a way that a reader has no choice but to read all the way to the end. That is what you should be aiming for.

4. Your Website Isn’t Set-up Properly for Conversion

The smallest stuff will have someone jumping off your web. Example: loading takes too long, the brand message is not simple and succinct, the font is too hard to read, the background picture overwhelms the text, the contact information doesn’t predominate, users can’t find what they originally searched for. These are all examples to consider when determining whether your website is optimized appropriately. If your website is equipped with the right optimization tools, you will definitely see the conversion rate you were hoping for.

Some ideas to help make the website easier to convert include:

  • Add a video on your site which explains a huge piece of important content. You need the search engine material but users would prefer to watch a video instead of reading a long article.
  • Split important landing pages with pay-per – click test. It can be as easy as changing the wording in a header urging users to convert. Conduct some split testing for changes in content to see which pages are transforming at a higher rate and make adjustments in the web as you figure out what works better for the unique public.
  • Adds testimonials and badges of faith. This gives users a better understanding of who you are, and adds to your company and brand’s reputation and trust.
  • Consider the phone number or contact button a primary focus for every page of the web in your header and several places. This makes it easier for your future clients to contact you without having to scan the entire site.

These are just a few suggestions that you should remember when viewing your website from a conversion perspective.

5. You Aren’t Working on Your Website’s Leads and Prospects

How many times did you fill out a form on a web site and never hear anybody back? If you don’t respond with at least one email to every lead through your website, you ‘re losing out on sales. If you have someone who is sufficiently interested to fill out a contact form, this should be considered a warm lead. Those leads may not yet be in the purchasing stage, but they may be ready to purchase in the future. Add them to an email drip system where the business will live with premium content right in front of them. It’s all about delighting users with content important to their interests, which will bring them to your site and then cultivate them until they are ready to buy.

If you don’t spend a dedicated budget on a monthly basis for running your website and marketing, chances are you won’t generate the amount of revenue you need. Online marketing is a method of continuous checking, studying, refining and nurturing. Your website will become profitable if properly managed and your sales will continue to grow over time. Creating a stable business over time takes effort. Even if you are starting a custom dissertation editing services company, you need to work on it hard. It isn’t easy to put your newly born company on the road of profits, but it isn’t unachievable also. All it needs is time and right strategies. You have to keep yourself updated with the changing trends of your niche. If you don’t keep up with the trends, you will find yourself and your company behind.

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