20 Human Resource Dissertation Topics Ideas To Write About

Human resource management deals with the hiring, management, and retention of employees of the company. It is an interesting field that needs an in-depth understanding of the basic concepts. As an HRM student, you must have a strong grasp of many different concepts, frameworks, and theories related to employee management. However, writing a brilliant dissertation is necessary to graduate. You can choose a topic of your interest or an emerging topic to write the research topic of your choice.

Numerous emerging topics are still unexplored in the field of human resource management. However, you will want to make sure that your planned topic has sufficient literature to support and defend the content of a theoretical framework, or else you might struggle with data collection. However, if you are stuck while writing your dissertation and want expert dissertation help then you can get connected with us on Dissertation Educators to ace your dissertation writing.

10 Human Resource Dissertation Topics Ideas To Write About

This blog highlights gaps in the research and gives you a detailed list of HRM subjects that are relevant to your area of study. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Analysis of the concept of workplace flexibility and how it impacts employee and organizational performance

The purpose of this study is to objectively evaluate workplace flexibility and its effects on both employee and organizational performance.

Role of transformational leadership style in the improvement of organizational creativity at Morrison

This study will investigate the benefits of transformational leadership and how leaders can use them to foster more inventiveness within their organizations.

The impact of COVID-19 on virtual employee management practices by organizations

The study will concentrate on utilizing various virtual employee management strategies that businesses can use in the current COVID-19 environment.

The green HRM practices and their effects on the corporate image of IKEA

The goal of this study is to examine various green HRM practices and how they affect IKEA’s company reputation and image. Also, you will research how organizations may enhance their corporate image by emphasizing green HRM policies and procedures. The results will be helpful to management, customers, and staff.

Employee’s role in the decision-making process and its influence on employee productivity at Subway

Your research can aim at studying how Subway and other businesses include their employees in decision-making to increase worker productivity. Similarly, It will identify if employees in the decision-making process boost employee productivity. The research will help Subway create effective HR practices keeping in mind the findings of the research.

The effect of a flat organizational structure on the decision-making process

This study’s primary goal is to assess the challenges and problems that HR managers in organizations with flat organizational structures experience when making decisions. Also, you will look at the advantages and drawbacks of flat organizational systems. You can use a case study approach.

The role of workforce diversity in Enhancing organizational capability and innovation at Toyota Motors

You will choose Toyota Motors which is a cutting-edge corporation to conduct this investigation. This study’s primary goal is to examine how Toyota Motors’ organizational capabilities and creativity are enhanced by its diverse workforce. The primary focus will be on examining the diversity of the workforce at Toyota Motors and its importance in enhancing organizational competence and creativity. Also, you will discuss and research the research Toyota Motors HR success factors.

The effect of digitalization on changing HRM practices at Aviva

This study will examine the numerous ways that digitization has altered several HRM practices at Aviva. We’ll talk about various HRM strategies utilized by Aviva before and during the digitalization era and examine the changes.

The impact of employee learning and development opportunities on employee satisfaction at British Airways

Your dissertation aim will be to study the impact of staff learning and development opportunities on employee satisfaction at British Airways. Similarly, you will study and examine the effect of various BA staff learning and development options on employee satisfaction.

The effect of recognizing employee contributions on employee retention at Shell

The primary goal of this study is to determine whether or not Shell can keep its workers by valuing their efforts. You will discuss and evaluate the many methods Shell uses to recognize employee contributions. Similarly, you will evaluate the impact of these methods to inspire employees, which affects staff retention.


There are numerous HRM topics that you can choose from to write a well-articulated dissertation. However, you should choose a topic that discusses emerging problems or concerns. Also, you should ensure that you have the right tools and resources such as data samples, and literature to write a brilliant HRM dissertation. These are certain things that you need to understand to be able to ace your dissertation writing and to stand out among others. However, if you need professional assistance with your dissertation then you can connect with us on Dissertation Educators and ask us for dissertation help.

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