10 Things You Need To Know About Dissertation Methodology Structure

The entire process of writing a paper is the hardest thing you will have to deal with. However, this process has easy and difficult parts for students, learners, and researchers. Unfortunately, the methodology is far from easy but you don’t have to worry! As long as you know these 10 things about this section, you are safe!

In fact, we guarantee you that with the knowledge this blog offers, you won’t have to look for a dissertation writing service UK. So without further ado, let’s explore what these 10 things are and what is their role in your paper. Ready to begin?

10 Things To Know About The Dissertation Methodology Structure:

The Goal

You can’t nail this section if you have no clue what the goal is. Hence you should know that this part of the paper goes into how you carry out the research. You can treat this section like the recipe book that would help others replicate your dish! Hence you need to start writing this section keeping in mind you are telling the reader how you designed your research.

Types Of Methods

One of the trickiest things about research is choosing the method you will use. There are many different kinds of methods and their combinations that have different purposes. Choosing one can take you a long but investing your time to study them will be worth this. This is because if you end up choosing the wrong method, you will get false results and your research will become invalid.


The next thing you need to know is what is the order of this section in your paper. Although different subjects have different formats, most of them require you to pace them above the results. In this way, the readers would learn how you conducted this study and move on to what you found out. Although, you should also know which sections are supposed to be above this one, so make sure to confirm.

Sub Sections

This isn’t a section that you will compose like a single paragraph and move on to the next one. Here you will have to divide the information into many different subsections for your readers. If you look online, you will find from 3 to 8 possible subsections, all of them being important. However, how many subsections you write depends on your choice of method and subject, so ask your supervisor.


You need to know why the methodology section is important as well as the importance of all the subsections. This will help you decide what you should include in this section and what to leave behind. While the section on its own gives your paper legitimacy, every subsection has a different significance.


Although we gave the example of a recipe book, this section is not as simple. In fact, from the time you choose a method, you will be working with technical words. Hence you should go through similar studies and take note of the terms they are using. You will need to include these in your paper instead of using common terms.

How To Start

When you start writing this section, you will have the option to work with 2 approaches. You can either start this section with a ‘what’ – what is your research problem or question. In the other case, you can start with ‘why’ – here you can discuss your reason to choose this area of research. Although you need to be careful with the second approach because it applies to all writing styles.


Although this section is important and has many parts, you cannot exceed a certain length. In fact, you have to keep it as concise as possible while mentioning all the important details. So go through your format guidelines to decide the minimum or maximum length you will reach.

No Citations

There are many sections in your research paper that will require you to prove the reference and citations. However, this section is not one of them because you will not be quoting anyone else’s work or theory here. Hence be careful not to add any extra information here that will require you to cite it.


Finally, the most important thing you need to be aware of is the formatting of this section. Although a single formatting guideline applies to the whole paper, it can vary a little bit with sections too. So search the internet for the formatting rules of this section or simply ask your supervisor. If there is still space for doubts, you can still ask your peers or researchers on the internet!


So now that you know everything about this difficult section of your paper, you are ready to start writing it. These 10 points are the key parts of your paper. We assure you that your methodology section can look perfect if you apply this knowledge. So simply compose this section and just remember to proofread it before you submit it. In case you are running out of time, we offer you the best dissertation writing service UK! With our support, you can upgrade the quality of this part of the paper or the entire paper itself!

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